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We got our 1st basset in 2002 "Copper",  he had alot of issues but he was our special boy.   In 2007 we decided he needed a companion and began our search.  We were fortunate to meet Mark & Sandi Chryssanthis who at the time had a litter from Cheri Feldhausen staying with them.  Out of this litter we received "Tove".  But eventually as "Copper" got grumpier we decided that "Tove" needed a companion.  In 2008 we added our first show dog to our family "Hugger" which was handled by Julie.  Followed by "Destiny" in 2010 handled by Rob and our first Champion as of Jan 2013. 

On October 5, 2013 we welcomed our first litter of RJ Bassets "Jack, Autumn, Grimm & Mazey".

We are very thankful to have such great mentors and friends in Mark & Sandi.  None of this would have been possible without them!

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